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What/Who is Thoth?

Thoth is the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom and Healing - Tarot cards are said to have come from the book of Thoth

Thoth - Ancient Egyptian Moon God of wisdom and magic - tarot is believed to have come from the book of Thoth



Tarot classes for beginners and professional training, free tarot tips, monthly in-depth theme, resources, psychic development tools (clairvoyance potions, books, tapes) the code of conduct and the opportunity to join a professional association - you will find lots to interest you in our extensive realms!

At the Thoth Tarot School - we love the tarot!

Over the next few pages we aim to
share our
enthusiasm with you. Welcome!


Tarot Cards - what are they?

Tarot cards are a mysterious deck of 78 picture cards which have fascinated seekers for centuries. The tarot is widely known as a divinatory tool - but did you know it is also a powerful tool for spiritual development and personal growth?

How can the tarot help me in my life? ____________________________________________

Tarot card interest has undergone an incredible resurgence as the search for enlightenment & greater self-awareness grows in our now "New Age". People are realising it is a tool of wisdom which can lead them to amazing discoveries about themselves awakening them to a more intuitive way of life.

Learning to work with the tarot will empower you and help you make better sense of your life - it is the Mirror of the Soul!



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What is the secret mystery
the tarot conceals
and how can
I master the tarot?
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What is the Mystery the tarot holds & how can I master the tarot?

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Tarot is a path and a journey... a journey into a new you and a journey into everything your life has been -I hope you will join us on the journey - your life will never be the same again!

As we step through the doorway into the journey, a line from
the film "The Matrix" springs to mind (as a film The Matrix is multidimensional speaking on many layers)

"I can show you the door
but only you can walk through it"


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